30 Weds 21 Web Series | Episode 3: Bachelor Again | Girl Formula | Chai Bisket

, A 6-Episode Original Drama Series.

Trailer Link: instatus.info/title/v-iy/gWXVmaewmZ7Q0Ks.html
E01 First Night Link: instatus.info/title/v-iy/YoitZc26d6q8pdk.html
E02 OK Uncle Link: instatus.info/title/v-iy/pIvZYparfZXY1Ks.html
E03 Bachelor Again Link: instatus.info/title/v-iy/ep2kp7vUZ5Wp0dE.html
E04 Are You Married Link: instatus.info/title/v-iy/nqmlXZeXb9jIqLs.html
E05 Baby Wife's Birthday Link: instatus.info/title/v-iy/eH2wlZWVgdfQmsU.html
E06 30 First Night Link: instatus.info/title/v-iy/dJbPib6xgc29rqs.html

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Produced by - Anurag - Sharath
Directed by - Prithvi Vanam
Written by - & Manoj P
Cinematography - Prathyaksh Raju
Editing & Designing - Tarak Sai Prathik
Music - Jose Jimmy
Sound Design: Manjith Paul
Mixing & Mastering: Kishan Sreebal
Subtitles: Shashank Chintalapudi
Cast: Chaitanya Rao, Ananya, Mahendar, Divya, Veerabhadram, Sri Kumari, Narendra Vanam, Anitha Vanam

Episode music credits :
Music - Jose Jimmy
Vocals - Aishwarya Daruri, Souparnika Rajagopal & Jose Jimmy
Lyrics - Jose Jimmy & అసమర్థుడు
Guitars and bass - sandeep mohan, Vineeth sreekumar
Violin - Francis Xavier
Mix & Mastering - Kishan Sreebal
Recording engineer - Nandhagopan v, Midhun dev
Recorded at k7 studios, kochi
Music composed, arranged and programmed by - Jose Jimmy

Thom tha ra dha ri dha thom :
Music - Jose Jimmy
Vocals - Aishwarya Daruri
Guitars - Sandeep Mohan
Mix and Mastered by - kishan Sreebal

Vayyari :
Music - Jose Jimmy
Lyrics - Jose Jimmy
Guitars - Sandeep mohan
Mix and Mastering - Kishan Sreebal

Karthick :
Music - Jose Jimmy
Vocals - souparnika Rajagopal
Mix and Mastering - kishan Sreebal

Aha manase :
Music - Jose Jimmy
Vocals - Jose Jimmy
Violin - Francis Xavier
Mix and mastered by - kishan Sreebal

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